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Discovering just two keys unlocked a world of transformation for me – in my business, my artistry, and my life. Gone were the days of stress and overwhelm, replaced by newfound clarity and purpose. With time to refine my craft and unleash my creativity, I rediscovered the joy of being a salon owner and operator.

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

The challenges kept coming. From constant turnover to a mass walkout and even an unprecedented “kick out,” each obstacle seemed insurmountable

For years, I had bounced between makeshift setups in my home and janky booth rentals, barely scraping by.

Then, in the midst of a recession, I took the leap and opened my very own brick-and-mortar salon. But the dream quickly turned into a nightmare when my initial “partner” bowed out after just 1.5 years, leaving me drowning in over $50,000 in loans, with sky-high overheads, a skeleton crew, and a cloud of uncertainty looming overhead.

The challenges kept coming. From constant turnover to a mass walkout and even an unprecedented “kick out,” each obstacle seemed insurmountable. And just when I thought I had weathered the storm, the COVID-19 shutdown hit, threatening to snuff out the flicker of hope I had managed to keep alive.

But despite it all, I refused to throw in the towel. I know a thing or two about business survival.

But despite it all, I refused to throw in the towel. I knew a thing or two about business survival, but more than that, I knew how to thrive against all odds. I didn’t just endure – I thrived. And amidst the chaos, I found something unexpected: a love for what I did.

But let me be real with you – it wasn’t easy. Navigating the murky waters of business ownership while being knee-deep in day-to-day operations was a relentless struggle. I spent years and poured thousands of dollars into classes, trainings, and trial-and-error attempts, desperately searching for the elusive formula to success.

It was a journey marked by hardship, loneliness, and countless setbacks. 

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To unlock Your Beauty Business Potential

Streamlined Success

 Unlock organization, clarity, and seamless processes with our vault resources, maximizing your profit potential.

Exceptional Experiences

Elevate guest and team satisfaction with best practices tailored for unforgettable experiences, ensuring repeat visits and loyalty.

Artistry Elevated

Access top-tier trainings, on-demand tutorials, and cutting-edge tools to refine and enhance your artistic skills beyond limits.

Welcome to…


Your all-in-one resource hub for beauty professionals seeking to elevate their businesses. Packed with templates, tools, and expert guidance.


What you'll learn

on the inside

Pillar 1


In this phase, you'll establish the cornerstone of your beauty business, ensuring it stands on a solid foundation poised for success. 



Best-in-Class Tools and Resources

Access industry-leading tools, resources, and templates that exceed industry standards, guaranteeing you have the best-in-class deliverables for your business.


Peace of Mind Through Systems and Processes

Learn how to implement effective systems and processes that set your business apart from the competition. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your operations are streamlined and efficient.

Pillar 2

Experience Excellence

In this phase, you’ll master the art of creating exceptional experiences for both your guests and your team



Guest Experience Mastery

Take a deep dive into the guest experience, gaining valuable insights on how to enhance every interaction. Understand the importance of providing a memorable experience beyond just the service rendered.


Team Engagement Essentials

Learn how to cultivate an interdependent work environment that fosters sustainability, scalability, and loyalty. Discover the significance of demonstrating care and appreciation for your team.

Pillar 3

Artistic Refinement

In this phase, you will refine and elevate your artistic skills to new heights.



Continuous Learning Mindset

Embrace the philosophy that learning is a lifelong journey. While foundational principles remain constant, staying abreast of evolving methods and technologies is crucial for growth.


Access to Cutting-Edge Resources

Stay updated with the latest trainings and resources designed to equip you for ongoing learning. With on-demand access, you can tailor your learning experience to fit your schedule and pace.

Pillar 4

Legacy Building


In this final phase, you’ll focus on securing your legacy and ensuring the long-term success of your business.



Strategic Future Planning

Develop a clear plan for your business’s future and your own retirement. Avoid leaving anything to chance by proactively learning and implementing strategies to establish long-term goals.


Comprehensive Preparedness

Cover all your bases to be prepared for any unexpected events. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to navigate unforeseen circumstances confidently, ensuring everything is handled according to your terms.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How is this different from other programs?

A: The Totally Booked! Beauty Biz Vault is unique in that I custom curated the majority of the tools and resources out of real life experience over many years.  They have proven to work over and over again.  Additionally, your membership puts you amongst like minded, high achieving beauty pros in this robust community where you’ll be supported, encouraged and celebrated.   You also have access to email support.

Q: What exactly do I get when I join?

A: You have access and license to use “as is” or customize the tools and resources which cover all aspects of a thriving beauty business: Foundations, Company Culture, Software, Operations, FInancials, Marketing, Education and so much more! Monthly live calls, hot seat coaching and support from a community of like minded, high achieving beauty entrepreneurs.

Q: How much time will I need to commit each week?

A: You can go at your own pace.  However, it is recommended you set aside at least an hour a week to invest in setting yourself up for success sooner than later.  

Q: What kind of support can I expect?

A:Your membership comes with our wonderful peer to peer community support, live Q&As, and you can always ask questions in the facebook group or send an email directly to us.

Q: Why should I join now? What if I wait?

A:Why wait – it only further delays you in receiving the business, artistry and life you’re only dreaming about now.  Don’t wait!  Make it happen today and get immediate access. Don’t lose another day waiting, take action now.  



Your all-in-one resource hub for beauty professionals seeking to elevate their businesses. Packed with templates, tools, and expert guidance.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Due to the nature of it being intellectual property, I’m not able to provide a refund.


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